About Wholly Delicious

My name is JoAnne, and I am a foodie. Sort of.

Food an I, we have some issues, but we’re working through them. My history with food is complicated, at best, but let’s just say that over the years I have eaten both very discriminately and very indiscriminately, and at the moment I am tending more towards the former. I have taken tests that tell me my body can’t handle gluten, a protein found in many grains (including, but not limited to, wheat), and casein, a protein found in milk. So, being the good obedient girl that I am, I went gluten and casein free. I stopped eating bread, or *sniff* cheeses, and began to consume a great deal of “gluten free” stuff. Turns out, most of that is just junk, minus one little protein.

By way of the Weston A. Price Foundation, and the Specific Carbohydrate Diet  / GAPS, I found my way to real food. Whole Foods. Foods which are recognizable as such, foods which have names, not chemical formulations. Foods that are Wholly Delicious. It turns out that I can, in fact, have some dairy. At present, that is limited to cow or goat milk yogurt, fermented for 24 hours. You’d be surprised what you can do with yogurt! If I am a very brave girl, I may venture into some of the SCD-approved cheeses, presumably the goat variety. There is a block of goat cheddar sitting in my fridge, feeling unloved.

So this is my life. I have a sexy husband, an adorable young man of nearly two and a half, and another who is seven weeks old. During my pregnancy, I gave up the hard core SCD in favor of a sort of “SCD plus.” Some illegals (like chocolate, quinoa, potatoes, rice) came back. I stopped worrying about trace sugars in things like sausages, so long as all the other ingredients were recognizable. This was all fine and dandy until a second unplanned Cesarean rocked my world, digestively speaking. Now I am trying to regain some equilibrium while feeding my family of three oh-so handsome men. We shall see where this leads, though I suspect that I will return to a full-fledged SCD diet for at least a little while.

Life, free of gluten, most dairy, most sugars and soy. What’s left? Just you wait!


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